Such an honor to be selected for Annecy’s 2022 TV Film program! Sara and Pam (and Ethan!) will be in attendance. We are so looking forward to this incredible week of celebration in animation.

LOS ANGELES! We are having our in-person premiere Sunday, June 5th at 4pm in Hollywood at the TCL Chinese Theatre! We are thrilled to be a part of the LA Latino International Film Festival. In addition to talented Latinx cast and crew, our very own EP Jeanette Jeaneanne is an alumna of LALIFF!

So very excited to be a part of Brooklyn Film Festival! You can watch ONLINE June 3-12, or IN PERSON at Windmill Studios at 6pm.

Get a ticket for your personal online screening here.

Tickets for In Person available here.

<<<<< Pam accepts the SXSW 2022 Special Jury Recognition award for Pam+Sara for Unique Vision in Writing and Directing

“Hey, it’s Pam. I’m fifteen. Trying to lose my virginity. Anyway, here’s My Year of Dicks.”

-coming soon from Wonder Killer, Cat’s Pajamas, and FX Productions